3-7 years baby boys (kids) clothing fashion suspenders outfit trend


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Material: Cotton – Polyester

Boys Clothes for your Junior:

Pampering your little boy and styling them in the latest fashion are much easier now with trendy shirts and t-shirts, fitted jeans, bright knitwear, and other daily wear. Comfort and fit are the first priorities however, the style factor should not be compromised. Mix and match between jeans, shorts or three-fourths and colorful T-shirts printed with catchy designs or images of popular cartoon characters and favorite superheroes for boys e.g. Spiderman, Superman, Iron man etc. You can also give them a smart look with the classy polo shirts  available on Islamabad Online Shop




3-4 years (110), 4-5 years (120), 5-6 years (130), 6-7 years (140)


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